Glass is the final piece of your home or office. It’s the touch of finesse which truly brings out the grace in the form of symmetry. There are many types of glass decor that can radiate the aura of your space.

Glass Doors & Partitions

Glass Doors create an atmosphere of space, brightness and transparency. Based on the interior décor of the space, the choice of glass can be made. Glass Partitions bring a feeling of space and openness to interiors. Innovative glass solutions that provide privacy are also suited for partitions.

Shower Cubicles

Shower cubicles provide minimalist and sleek design to make entire enclosure look aesthetically appealing. This classy yet functional look provides a great atmosphere and ambiance for your showers. Making it relaxing and calming, as it should be.

Butch Work

Butch work is exterior glass work which is moulded into certain aesthetic shapes.

Stain glass & Clustering

Stain glass has been there from early greek era and has evolved to a modern day element to provide a neo-gothic look which provides a multi coloured and multi faceted approach to interiors. A mix of modernity and medieval, providing starking contrasts to your space..

Glass Clustering

Glass clustering is used to create a shape of the designs which a person can also feel. This also provides a more natural look to the glass..

Crystal Acid Work

Crystal Acid work brings wonderful gradation i.e. tonal effects on transparent glass, these glass products are crafted using quality material and are designed keeping in mind the prevailing market trends.