Woodwork has been our metier. We have been zealous in our approach to it. We look at it as fine art; gentle strokes of a pencil begin the journey on paper which leads to flawless forging of wood.


Delectable meals don’t have to be cooked in less delectable spaces. Your kitchen will be turned into a commodious yet elegant expanse. A chef’s delight keeping in mind the Indian household’s utility. When the kitchen is planned with adequate light, space and comfort, it only adds a helping hand to the lady who spends a good part of the day here. A well designed kitchen spreads smiles and happiness throughout the house.
The biggest takeaways of a modular kitchen are:Efficient storage capacity, No noisy exhaust, Wide color palette and Modern Designs.
What we offer –:Smart modular kitchen to make the most of the space available.
In vogue designs capture the essence and the ambience of the entire home. Bringing exclusivity to your kitchen and class unparalleled to any other.


The Bedroom is your personal space, which spells comfort, relaxation and a time off from the world. You end up spending almost half of your life and experience an array of emotions here. The choice of apt colors and right furniture is an important factor one cannot afford to ignore. Your clothes deserve a palace which protects them like knights guarding the queen’s jewels. Your wardrobes will peak in their sheer elegance. What we offer –:Right color combinations and optimum furniture to create the perfect ambience.


The Living Room is the face of your home that creates the first and last impression in the minds of the visitor. Since it reflects your personality and style to the world, compromising with the living room is compromising with your identity. What we offer –We will assist you in translating your personality to speak through the most visited room of your home.

Carving out excellence